Until now, women didn’t have great options for professional wedding dress storage. Many wedding gowns lay tucked away, or stored in big, bulky boxes taking up precious closet space. 

The experts at Unbox the Dress now offer Store The Dress, a service to help women properly preserve their wedding dress for the future – safe from temperature changes, humidity and other potential catastrophes – until the time is just right to share it or Redesign the Dress into heirloom gifts!

When was you wedding dress worn?

BEFORE 1990?

AFTER 1990?

Trust the Professionals At Store the Dress™

Our Armoire Storage facility is uniquely designed for fine garment safekeeping. It features climate-controlled environments with pristine standards, and is equipped with 24/7 video security. Get ready to enjoy more closet space!

Our staff of Graceful Sewers™ are Experts, well versed in the special care and handling required for bridal fabrics, lace and embellishments. We practice industry best standards when caring for and preserving your family gowns.

Store your wedding dress properly until you need it again! Your dress can be returned to you at any time, or redesigned into heirloom-quality gifts for your loved ones. Transitioning to our Redesign the Dress service is easy and free.